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What is Account Receivable Process?

Our team has Extensive knowledge and experience of Revenue cycle management across multiple specialties, various insurances and various denials which set us apart from the others in the Industry. Our teams strive for the best results. Swift collections and improved cash flow is guaranteed through our AR management services.

With our efficient systems, we are dedicated to reducing lost reimbursements and denial. Our denial management services helps in uncovering and resolving the problems which cause the denials as well as reduce the accounts receivables cycles. We establish the trend to assist in revealing billing, registration and coding processes gaps which are then rectified to minimize future denials.

Account Receivable Process

Account Receivables and higher reimbursement is the lifeline of medical services

Account Receivable MANAGEMENT

Our Services Include

  • Aggressive follow up of each claims within 15 to 30 days of submission

  • Analysis of Fee Schedules to ensure correct payment

  • Analysis of Contracts to ensure eligibility and prompt payment

  • Re-submission of claims

  • Denial Management

  • Old Account Receivables Cleanup Projects

Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Accounts Receivable Management Services To Revmedi:

  • Higher cash flow management for your Practice.

  • Lowering Down Bad Debts.

  • Focus on your Core business.

  • Increase accounts receivable management efficiency

  • Improve customer services and satisfaction

  • Reduce administrative costs

  • Minimize credit risk

  • Higher Financial protection

  • Decreased overhead costs

  • Saving Valuable Time

  • Reduced human error

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