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Patient-contact-services/ Appointment Scheduling

We will assist you with patient contacting and appointment scheduling. With a centralized appointment scheduling system, we will ensure that are no-show rates.

Patient-contact-services/ Appointment Scheduling
Patient Registration - Previsit Services

Patient Registration

We will ensure that there is an accurate and complete registration of the patient demographic, insurance details and all the information that is required. We will assist in follow ups in order to ensure that the information which is captured is accurate.

Eligibility & Benefits

Upon arrival in the facility, it is essential to verify the patient eligibility and benefits; this is done to improve the revenue cycle as well as patient care. Real time eligibility and benefits checks can be done at any point of automation or care. Detailed reports will show active coverage, co-pay and annual deductibles.

Eligibility & Benefits - Previsit Services
Referrals and Authorization

Referrals and Authorization

We will provide this service to assist in identification of the referrals and authorization. With the provider getting this information before the appointment, they can plan accordingly.

Patient Notification

Patients need to know when they are not covered or when they are out of network. This will help them plan accordingly.

insurance coverage previsit servies
patient assistance - previsit servies

Answering Services

This is a courtesy call to the patient following up on the balances, answering their questions and concerns. We have skilled customer support callers to assist patient on issues related to billing, appointment scheduling, statements and other concerns.

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