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denial management advice

Getting Denials on a Regular Basis but Don’t Know How to Appeal? RevMedi Expertise Has Shown How To Successfully Appeal All Types Of Denials.

Work flow for Denial Management:


For claims which have been denied and need appealing, we initiate the process through writing appeal letters and prepare the supporting document. We also have a team who follows up on patients to get the missing records and documents as well as discuss methodologies of setting up any outstanding dues. Patients’ accounts are tracked and followed up by a team of qualified staff to ensure that payment is received. While doing this, we maintain high levels of professionalism and customer support.

  • Denial Analysis & rectification

  • Appropriate billing for the services provided

  • Verification of physician/s name and/or UPIN

  • Verification and submission of correct place of service

  • Verification and submission of quantity of services

  • Ensuring LMRP match between CPT and ICD codes

  • Furbishing, in a timely manner, all the additional information required to

  • Rectification of missing/incorrect CPT code

  • Eliminating duplicate claims

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