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RevMedi Services

We provide 360 degree billing Solutions to the US Healthcare and We work on End to End Revenue cycle model and Full time Employee model as well.



Eligibility Verification

Eligibility verification plays a major role in boosting revenue. RevMedi Healthcare solutions bring you 12-24 hours of quick turnaround verification. Eligibility verification is a mandatory part of the revenue cycle management. Eligibility Verification is the most effective and efficient way to eliminate denials and errors.

Eligibility Verification | medical billing
Eligibility Services | medical billing

Eligibility Services

Online Verification Checks: Our team accesses the payer’s website/ portals and the IVR Systems to get the status of the patient eligibility.

Phone calls: Our Specialized team calls the Insurance company rep’s to get the required information which includes coverage limits, effective dates, end dates(If so), co-pays, deductibles met information, out of pocket expenses met information, referrals and (Pre) Authorizations.

Demographic/ Charge Entries

  • Our experienced staff enters all the patient information with High accuracy. We work on both scanned images and electronic submitted demo sheets. We efficiently work on client software and capture all the accurate information about the patient, guarantor, and insurance.

  • Our team process charges for all specialties and follows instructions and updates sent by the client.

  • We have two-way auditing system to ensure that we provide top class “Error Free” Entries on a new patient and existing patient.

  • Our team has the ability to process both manual and electronic charge entries in EHR/EMR.

  • We capture all the necessary information from the superbills like Rendering provider, Referring provider, Date of Services, Location, Place of Services, Type of Service, Admit and discharge information, Number of Units, Authorization Numbers, Referral Numbers, ICD Codes, CPT Codes, Modifier updates, etc..,

Demographic/ Charge Entries medical billing
Payment Posting - REVMEDI

Payment Posting

  • Our professional data entry team has the ability to do

  • Auto Posting from ERAs (Electronic Remittance Advice)

  • Manual posting from EOBs (Explanation of Benefits)

  • Low pay or No pay reports are sent to the clients.

  • Submission of secondary claim and reports are sent to the clients.

  • Checking and reporting the denials.

  • All the batch status is sent to the clients.


Our Credit Balance team delicately reviews the Patient co-pays, patient notes, Patient history, account transactions, EOB’s, ERA’s and all the required information to correct the credit and our team helps to provide clean and smooth transactions by actively notifying the issue to the client through email or fax.


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Physician Credentialing is a process of enrollment and attestation that a physician is part of a Payer’s network and authorized to provide services to patients who are members in the Payer’s plans.

Our Credentialing specialist verifies that a physician meets standards as determined by an organization by reviewing such items as the individual’s license, experience, certification, education, training, malpractice and adverse clinical occurrences, clinical judgment, and character by investigation and observation.

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