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Medical Billing, Coding, and AR Calling and Other Services (Revmedi)

Going to the doctor may seem a very simple and short process, but in fact, it involves a very complex and long process at the backend.Whenever a patient is examined by a doctor, they have to pay both to the doctors, insurance companies and to the hospitals. Medicalbilling, coding and AR calling are the main services which involve this process.It helps organizations and hospitals to get speedy and accurate billing process followed by payments. It is the responsibility of the medical biller to negotiate between the health care providers, the patients, and the insurance company and ensure all of them get their payments on time. In order to perform this task, a medical biller collects all the information related to the patient’s procedure, medical history and his insurance coverage with all the relevant details.

Medical Coding

Revmedi outsourcing speiality

Medical billers and coders may seem like the same person job but it’s different in nature. A medical coder is responsible to review the medical bills and assign different standard codes by using specific medical terms such as CPT, ICD, and HCPCS etc.All these terms are taken from the medical database or documentation. A medical biller and coder could be the same person as well but ideally, it is done by two different professionals. Both of them are responsible to make sure that the billing system runs smoothly and all the payments received on time.

Medical billing at Revmedi includes:

·        Indexing (to manage patient’s medical records, insurance entitlements, EOBs, and clinical histories)

·        Eligibility verifications (includes online verification checks, assessment of payer’s websites or portals

·        Phone calls to the relevant insurance companies to fetch required information regarding coverage limits, entitlements, referrals etc.

·        Demographic and charge entries to check both scanned and electronic charge sheets

·        State of the art audit system to eliminate error in both old and new patients’ entries

·        Both manual and auto payment posting services

·        Keeping a record of denials

AR Calling

AR calling roadmap

The account receivable team is responsible to look after all denied claims and reopening them with relevant insurance companies.A highly trained and expert person is required to handle all these highly important matters. All the rules set by the insurance companies need to be followed in order to get maximum output. Therefore it is crucial to find an expert who can handle such issue with perfection. Below are the reasons why AR follow-ups are important in a medical billing procedure.

·        Ensures financial stability of healthcare providers

·        Recovers late or no payments

·        Maintains a track record of all claims

·        Follow-ups of all claims, denied or paid

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing, Coding and AR Calling

There are many benefits of outsourcing all these jobs to a third party such as you will lessen the burden of your staff and they will be more focused on patients. The third party will be more efficient and fast in processing the bills and you will get all your payments on time and hassle free. It will also keep the hospital’s environment more customers centric. One of the most important benefits of outsourcing is that Operational costs could also be reduced and you could spend more money on your staff’s development and patient management.

If you are looking for a smooth and hassle-free medical billing, coding, and AR calling systems, than considering all of the above-mentioned details will help you out.Outsourcing medical billing is what you need to take your business to the next level. It will not only boost your customer’s satisfaction level but it will also gain you a better prospect in the future.

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